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IEEE ICC 2014 Workshop on Small Cell and 5G Networks (SmallNets)




IEEE ICC 2014 Workshop on Small Cell and 5G Networks (SmallNets)

June 10th, 2014


The demand for pervasive wireless access and the need for high data rates are expected to grow significantly in the foreseeable future with the proliferation of novel resource demanding applications such as gaming, mobile TV, or personalized wireless services. The emergence of these new services leads to stringent requirements on the bit rate per square kilometer that next generation wireless networks are expected to deliver. This increasing trend has urged wireless and mobile operators to examine new ways for improving their coverage, boosting their network's capacity, and lowering their capital and operating expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX) of their mobile networks. A promising approach to solving this problem is through the deployment of Small Cell Networks (SCNs), which represent a novel networking paradigm based on the idea of deploying short-range, low-power, and low-cost base stations operating in conjunction with the main macro-cellular network infrastructure. The use of SCNs is envisioned to enable next-generation 5G networks to provide high data rates, allow offloading traffic from the macro cell and providing dedicated capacity to homes, enterprises, or urban hotspots. SCNs encompass a broad variety of cells, such as micro, pico, metro, and femto cells, as well as advanced wireless relays, and distributed antennas that can be deployed practically anywhere. All such technologies, combined with emerging paradigms such as millimeter wave communication are expected to lie at the heart of 5G wireless systems. The deployment of small cells in realistic environments faces several technical challenges that need to be addressed at various network layers.

This workshop is expected bring together academic and industrial researchers in an effort to identify and discuss the major technical challenges and recent results related to small cell networks. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Interference analysis, avoidance, and mitigation.
  • Power control and power saving mechanisms.
  • Mobility management and load balancing for small cells
  • Decoupled control- and user-plane transmissions (soft-cell, phantom-cell, etc)
  • Carrier aggregation (single and multi-flow) in small cells
  • New small cell based 5G network architectures
  • Multi-point transmission (CoMP, JT, DCS) techniques in small cells
  • Cognitive radio techniques for small cell networks.
  • Game-theoretic techniques for small cell deployment.
  • Dynamic TDD, Device-to-Device, etc
  • Context aware small cells (caching, predictive RRM, etc)
  • New backhaul architectures (e.g., wireless backhaul, millimeter wave, etc.)
  • Open and closed access operation modes
  • Self-organization, -configuration, -optimization, and -healing mechanisms for SCNs.
  • Multi-RAT (2G/3G/4G/WiFi) coexistence.

This workshop follows on the success of the 1st International Workshop on Small Cell Wireless Networks (SmallNets) held at IEEE ICC 2012 In Ottawa, as well as the 2nd International Workshop on Small Cell Networks (SmallNets) which was held at IEEE ICC 2013 in Budapest.

Important Dates

Submission due: 31 December 2013

Decision notification due: 20 February 2014

Camera-ready submissions due: 15 March 2014

Workshop Date: 10 June 2014