University of Oulu
Information Society Technologies

One of the key objectives and innovations in the 6HOP project is to study further recently published generic protocol booster environment called Wireless Adaptation Layer (WAL). This WAL mechanism is a generalized Protocol Booster and Protocol Enhancement Proxy (PEP) mechanism that can be transparently used either as an heavy duty PEP-type proxy/booster in the access points and base stations, but also as a light-weight “virtual” layer in terminal equipment. 6HOP intends to use, evaluate and further develop WAL so that it can be used for heterogeneous IP networking, and can be leveraged to provide support for multihop wireless networking (but in the limited context of “small number” (circa 6 of hops).

The objective is to provide and study the overall WAL architecture, to produce and enhance WAL code family (including proxies and more light-weight implementations) and a suitable number of protocol booster modules (that is booster modules such as Snoop, ROHC, and FEC that are used through WAL). The above is done in order to evaluate PEP concept in the heterogeneous multihop environment. The consortium leverages the industrial partners access to actual hardware and software of the different access point and terminal technologies. The WAL concept will be developed up to point where it can be introduced (backed with actual trials, measurements and experimentation) to standardization bodies and academic community, but most importantly we aim at to provide initial reference code that could be used in future to enhance actual products.

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