The purpose of the nanoIP open source project is to implement an alternative networking stack for control, automation and sensor networks. NanoIP offers Internet-like features such as a socket interface, ports, reliable and unreliable framing, fragmentation etc. with a very minimal overhead. The project consists of an implementation for microcontrollers based on C and GCC cross-compilers, and a Linux kernel implementation along with network applications.

The microcontroller implementation is in C and will have tested support for AVR and MSP430 microconrollers using GCC cross-compilers. The implementation includes the nanoIP stack, the nanoSocket interface, basic hardware libraries and basic communication interface libraries.

The Linux implementation includes a nanoIP kernel module, serial network dongle kernel modules and useful network applications such as ping, http etc. for nanoIP. The implementation uses standard network sockets.

See the Sourceforge project for more information.