University of Oulu

Two half-day tutorials will be organised on Monday 31 May 2004.

Tutorial AM 08.30-11.30:
Theoretical Performance Bounds and Capacity Limits

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The objective of the tutorial is to show how mobility and the multi-hop nature of ad-hoc networks affect these values. The presenter is Dr. Stavros Toumpis, Senior Researcher, Guest Lecturer (Univ.Lektor-n.r), Technical University of Vienna, Austria.

Tutorial PM 12.30-15.30:
Wireless Sensor Networks

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Particular emphasis will be put on energy efficient strategies. The presenter is Prof. Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez, Purdue University, USA.

Tutorials on "Routing Staregies" and "Security Issues in Ad-hoc Networks" have been cancelled. If you have already registered for one or both of them, please contact Mr. Marko Sulonen (