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IWWAN 2004 will highlight the growing applications and power of ad-hoc networks in achieving ubiquitous, pervasive communications in future systems. The main focus of IWWAN is the use of ad-hoc networks in short range communications systems. The range of topics presented at IWWAN is diverse within this field, covering existing and future networks, information theoretic analysis and field trials. The range of topics shows the growing importance of this area of research.

Not surprisingly, there are many papers on Bluetooth and WLAN technologies such as 802.11. Papers will be presented on routing, security, mobility, hand-off issues, MAC performance and overall system performance. Papers cover theoretical performance as well as field trials. The evolution of personal area networks (PANs) and WLANs is also explored through Ultra Wideband (UWB) systems. UWB holds great promise as a high speed, short range technology so has been included in the list of topics for IWWAN.

The interaction between structured cellular networks and ad-hoc networks is also addressed by IWWAN. In existing systems, we see WLAN and cellular currently being used together. Manufacturers are now producing cellular handsets with inbuilt WLAN and WPAN capabilities. This trend is certainly expected to continue and become more prevalent in future systems. IWWAN will contain papers on the interoperation of fixed and ad-hoc networks as well as routing, throughput and performance issues when dealing with such heterogeneous networks.

Ad-hoc networks also have the potential to add value beyond simple communications. IWWAN includes papers on positioning and tracking which then supports secondary services. This opens a new arena for ad-hoc networks and we can expect many innovations to be presented in future workshops.

The state of the art of ad-hoc networks will be demonstrated at IWWAN. Several EU funded projects and major manufacturers will demonstrate their results for workshop participants. This is something definitely not to miss!

NETS: Finland-Japan Workshop on Future Networks 4th June 2004 (PDF)

Programme (pdf)

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