University of Oulu

During IWWAN´04, demonstrations will be organised in room PR101, in the immediate vicinity of the workshop lecture rooms. Demonstrations will take place at 10.00-12.10 both on Tuesday 1 June and on Wednesday 2 June. Entrance to the demonstration room is restricted to workshop delegates wearing the IWWAN´04 badge.

Nokia RFID

In this demonstration, hot new ubiquitous RFID technology from Nokia will be shown. Tags embedded into different objects interact with mobile phones which act as gateways.

Nokia Sensor Networking

A sensor networking architecture developed in a Finnish WIRSU project will be shown. This architecture uses a sensor algorithm along with Bluetooth and a unique low-power extension to Bluetooth. A weather station device will be shown through various browsers.

6HOP - Protocols for Heterogeneous Multi-Hop Wireless IPv6 Networks

The European Commission funded 6HOP project will demonstrate the WAF (Wireless Adaptation Framework) concept developed during the project in 2002-2004. The demonstration platform will consist of a heterogeneous wireless multi-hop network including IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth links. The demonstration will show how WAF will help adapting the network protocols to the varying link conditions and/or link failures. Also an intelligent, adaptive ad-hoc routing scheme based on DSR protocol will be shown in another demonstration scenario.

CWC Sensor Networking

In this demonstration, sensor networking technology will be shown using a platform developed at the Centre for Wireless Communications. A unique 433 MHz concept along with the nanoIP protocol stack will be used as a wireless joystick in order to play interactive games.