CWC International Doctoral Study Programme

The Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) provides a stimulating working environment for pursuing and completing a doctoral degree in 3-4 years. The CWC International Doctoral Study Programme offers an efficient blend of project work and studies and helps doctoral students to focus on their own research topics. Postgraduate students are hired by CWC to work in some of the ongoing research projects. As an integral part of the research work, students produce high-quality publications and take postgraduate courses.

The CWC International Doctoral Study Programme was launched in 2007. It operates within the University of Oulu, under Communications Engineering with the orientation of telecommunications. CWC Doctoral Study Programme is part of Infotech Oulu , an umbrella organization for information technology research.

The postgraduate student will accumulate a total of 60 ECTS during the studies. There are no fixed courses or curriculum for postgraduate studies - instead, an individual plan consisting of book exams and postgraduate courses is confirmed for each postgraduate student. Working and studying abroad is strongly supported by the programme. Also a doctoral dual-degree from one of our partner universities is a possibility worth considering.